Compensation and Classification

Getting Started

All career planning activity on the navigator begins with a specific position as a reference point. This may be your current position or any other position you are interested in exploring. Listed below are the three different options by which you can explore a career path.

Paths Within Band iconPaths Within Band

This is a listing of all titles within the selected Career Band of and the path level for each title is listed to the left. You can click on a title to replace the current full market description, at the top of the page, with the newly selected market title.

Paths Across Bands iconPaths Across Bands

Clicking on the tab, “Paths Across Bands” in your search results will bring you to a similar page with a listing of market titles that are found in different Career Bands with similar skill sets. You will see an additional column that identifies the Career Band for the market title. This listing may provide you with ideas for exploring alternative career path options.

Wolverine Career Tracks iconWolverine Career Tracks

The third tab, “Wolverine Career Tracks,” provides you with a listing in two different views. In the first view you can see the Market Titles individuals were in before they moved to your selected market title. The second view shows the Market Titles individuals moved into from your selected market title. These listings represent the actual movement of employees throughout the entire University. This can be helpful in identifying career trends and options that you may not otherwise have considered. For both the “To” and “From” tabs the number in parentheses, next to the market title, identifies the frequency that the specific title was moved “To” or “From”.

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Each of the options above show a column titled “Current Postings”. When a number is shown next to a market title this means that there are currently that many openings posted for that market title. By selecting that market title the page will refresh with the selected title at the top and next to the description a box will appear with the specific posting#(s) listed. Click on a posting # and a new window will open showing the selected posting.


To help you keep track of the positions you are exploring, the Career Path Navigator is capable of printing the description of the selected title in addition to any of the descriptions from the market titles listed on any of the tabs. Simply select as many of the check boxes to the left of the Path Level, as you desire, and then click on “Printable Preview with Selected Jobs.” You will be provided with a printable page that includes all the market descriptions you selected.

This printout can be used as a handy reference during your career planning activity allowing you to return to the same positions in the navigator at some future date.

Mapping to the Market iconMapping to the Market

“Mapping to the Market” is used by administrators and managers to identify the appropriate market title for a set of duties specified in a position description. By selecting “Mapping to the Market” in the menu at the top of each page, you will see a page that lists all the Career Families.

By selecting the Career Family you believe best represents the set of duties identified for a particular position and clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a page that lists all the Career Bands associated with the selected Career Family.

For both Career Families and Career Bands, if you are uncertain of the correct family or band you can click on any of the titles for a brief description or select multiple check boxes which will provide you with a listing associated with each of the items checked. On the Career Bands page you must also select the desired Job Role for the position you are mapping to the market.

After selecting the desired Career Band and clicking “Submit” you will see a Market Title result page. The entire description for a position can be viewed by selecting “Full Description” located at the end of the brief description. If you wish to view multiple descriptions select the desired check boxes to the left of the job code and click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

These descriptions can also be printed by selecting the check box on the Market Title description results, as shown below, and clicking on the “Printable Preview” button located at the bottom of the page.